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I believe life is a journey. My passion is to document that journey. Although I have been taking photographs since childhood, I have only become a photographer in recent years. The lifescape philosophy is simple. As I journey through my life, I try to capture moments that others may wish to share . sometimes I get it right. These seascapes, landscapes & peoplescapes come together in what I refer to as lifescape.

Scuba diving since 1991, I decided to take the plunge into underwater photography in 2002 as a natural extension of my exploits on land. After all its still photography, I reasoned, so how hard can it be to do it underwater?

It's a good thing I enjoy challenge. Imagine a medium where everything is constantly moving (including me), where colours are not what they seem (blood can be green), & where you cannot change film when you finish the roll (yes, I still use film). The ocean realm is a tough, sometimes unforgiving, always beautiful place where you rely on the tank you carry to breathe, where most things sting or bite, and everything moves so much faster than you. And if all that isn't challenging enough, try doing it at night, on your own.

Based in Melbourne , Australia , I was born in Odessa , in the USSR in 1970 and came to Australia at age five. After a trip to Thailand in 1995 I was bitten deeply by the travel bug, and have continuously traveled since. Although I have used many different cameras (and continue to do so), when traveling I have settled predominantly on a Hasselblad X-Pan for land work (with a Nikon F100 backup), and a Nikonos RS for underwater work, with all their accompanying lenses. I use Fuji Velvia slide film almost exclusively. The images you see here have been scanned on either an Imacon Flextight 949 or a Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED scanner.

    Alex Fabrikant

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